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Meet Ashley Boyer with Memorial Health! Born and raised here in Union County, Ashley has a heart for being active in our local community. She has served on the Board of Trustees for the United Way of Union County since 2017, participated on the Community Investment Committee, and served as a volunteer for special events. Her favorite thing about United Way of Union County is seeing all the partner agencies working together through United Way to bring needed resources to the community. Ashley says, “I live united to strengthen our community and ensure essential needs and resources are available to community members who need them. We are in this together, every day!”
Meet Sherri Coleman, with Nationwide Insurance. Sherri has volunteered for numerous United Way events for the past 15 years, and has been on the Union County Board and various committees for 10 years. Sherri’s favorite thing about the United Way is that the organization is making a difference in the lives of people locally, right here in Union County. Sherri says, “I live united because I want to be able to give back to the community in which I live.”
Meet Emily Davis-McElroy with Richwood Bank. Emily has been involved with the United Way of Union County for approximately 5 years now, and is the Assistant Treasurer on our Board. Her favorite part about being involved is knowing that she can make an impact (and she does!). Emily says she lives united, “To make my community a better place to live.”
Meet Amy Eades with ScottsMiracle-Gro! Amy is new to our Board, having just joined in 2020, but she is eager to learn about United Way. So far, she loves the way the United Way of Union County brings together local organizations to maximize the impact in the community. She says she lives united because, “I enjoy helping our community thrive”. Welcome, Amy!”
Meet Lynnette Focht with Marysville Exempted Village Schools! Lynnette is new to our Board in 2020, but has been an active “workplace champion” for many years, organizing and encouraging her co-workers to get involved with UWUC. Lynnette loves that the programs of the United Way of Union County touch so many lives, and says she lives united because, “I appreciate and enjoy being a part of something that helps so many in our community.”
Meet Sue Hanson with HelpLine-211! Sue has been active with the United Way of Union County since 2013, and with other United Ways for 25 years. She has a dual role with UWUC as a Board Member, and also as the director of a partner agency. We rely on her experiences with HelpLine to guide us in working with all our partner agencies. Sue says she appreciates how UWUC works hard to reach all areas of Union County, and works collaboratively with community partners for the good of local residents. Sue lives united because, “We can do so much more together than as individuals! There is such power in numbers in making a difference!”
Meet Cory Hixson, with Edward Jones Investments here in Marysville. Cory is in his 4th year of involvement with United Way of Union County. He especially likes that the donation dollars stay local and make a real impact right here in our community. Cory lives united, “so we all can thrive where we live, work and play.”
Meet Michael Irving with Nestle R&D! Mike has been a dedicated volunteer with United Way of Union County since 2017. He especially likes that “we are small, but mighty”! He says he feels that every day UWUC looks to ensure that every dollar raised in the county is used in the best way possible for the community. Michael says he lives united because, “I want to make a positive impact in our community, but to do that, we have to work together. When we are united, we can make changes that would be impossible when we act alone.”
Meet Pete Lore, with Nationwide Insurance. Pete has been involved with United Way for 26 years, and serves as the current Chair of the local Board of the United Way of Union County. Pete likes the true sense of caring for the community displayed by the many great volunteers, partner agencies, board members, and staff. Pete says, “Although we can accomplish a lot individually, I believe in the mission and purpose of the United Way . . . by living united we can make a greater impact for those in need, especially when we work as one.”
Meet Rev. Sara McSwords! Sara, a Marysville resident, is Associate Pastor at Linworth United Methodist Church. She has been on the United Way of Union County Board for two years. Her favorite thing about UWUC is that they are engaged, involved and actively support many social services throughout the County, through the generosity of the donors. United Way is constantly listening for ways to support local needs, and is committed to making a meaningful, lasting, and local difference. Sara says, “My faith calls me to actively build communities of kindness. But professing words of love is just noise without action and involvement. By living united, I love my neighbors, work with people across a spectrum of socio-economic circumstances, and build bridges of understanding, compassion and community in Union County.”
Meet Joe Nerone with Honda of America. Joe has served 4 years on the United Way of Union County board. Joe’s favorite thing about United Way is the way in which they help the Union County community. He sees a big need for support in the community, and he likes the local UW response. Joe says he lives united because, “If we work to make the soil a little more fertile, then the seeds will produce a good harvest. This is true for our community. I believe that the secret to happiness is doing things for others who have no way of repaying you. The United Way provides this service to Union County.”
Meet Dave Roebke, Director of Food and Nutrition at Memorial Health. Dave is fairly new to our Board, joining us in 2020. Dave likes United Way of Union County because, through its partner agencies, it impacts such a broad range of people from youth to seniors. He says, “I live united because this community is where I work, where I worship, and where many of my family’s memories will be made. I am honored to be part of something that supports the community that has given me so much.”
Meet Evan Smith with Liberty National Bank! Evan has been involved with the United Way of Union County since 2004, and has been a board member for 5 years. He loves the feeling of giving back he gets when participating in the annual Community Care Days. Evan says he lives united because, “I believe there is strength in numbers, and I know that great things can be accomplished when a lot of people are doing a little bit each.”
Meet Matt Zarnosky with Union Rural Electric Cooperative. Matt has been a Board Member with United Way of Union County for 3 years. His favorite thing about United Way is the commitment that he sees to the local community. He says, “If you have ever had a chance to talk to the people that benefit from the programs supported by United Way, then you understand why I Live United.”
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