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Recent world events have made us all stop to ponder our personal and financial future. “Am I doing all I can to ensure financial security for myself and my loved ones?” “Are my investments, my retirement plan, my will, in order?”

The United Way of Union County is no different. Since 1958, you and thousands like you, have helped our organization grow to make an impact in our community like no other area charity can. With more than 3,400 donors and 1,700 volunteers within our family of Member Agencies this past year alone, United Way maximizes your charitable investment to improve lives in your neighborhood. We want to keep it that way, but we need your help.

Together, we can ensure that the programs and services funded by United Way will be here for generations to come. Your loyal, annual support can become a Lasting Legacy that would be felt not only this year, but for years into the future.

What is Planned Giving?
Fine art, jewelry, or stamp collections may be something you’d expect to find at an auction. But they could also be items donated to the United Way of Union County. Real estate, stocks, and insurance policies are all viable options when considering a charitable donation.

Through our Endowment and Planned Giving Program, investors can leverage their annual cash gift to the United Way of Union County. In partnership with the Union County Foundation, we have created the Lasting Legacy Fund, designed to give investors new options when remembering the United Way.

You can also set up an attractive charitable gift annuity, naming the Lasting Legacy Fund as the beneficiary. You can even name the United Way of Union County as a beneficiary in your will.

Why would someone do that?
Making a Planned Gift to the United Way of Union County doesn’t mean that you’re excluding family members or other charitable causes. The Planned Gift is merely a part of your overall financial and estate plan.

Some gifts offer current income tax benefits as well as estate tax savings. You could
  • Increase your lifetime income through gifts of appreciated assets;
  • Avoid capital gains tax on appreciated assets;
  • Enhance retirement resources;
  • Generate income tax deductions;
  • Provide more for your heirs while saving estate taxes;
  • Benefit the United Way in its mission to improve lives.
By contributing to United Way of Union County’s Lasting Legacy Fund, you can help guarantee that United Way can continue to do the work in the future that it has so compassionately and effectively done in the past. You ensure that the United Way will not be totally dependent upon annual campaign contributions, which can decrease significantly during a slow economy. Planned Gifts will enable the United Way to be there for Union County residents for generations to come.

How do I make a Planned Gift to United Way?
For more information about Planned Giving to the United Way of Union County, please contact us at (937) 644-8381.

You may also contact the Union County Foundation at 642-9618 or online at www.UnionCountyFoundation.org where our Lasting Legacy Fund has been established.

The information on this page is provided for educational purposes. United Way of Union County encourages donors to explore all aspects, opportunities, costs, and alternatives associated with Planned Giving decisions. Please consult with your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor to determine the type of Planned Gift that is right for you and your family.
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