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May 3, 2022

Student United Way of Union County completed two volunteer projects in April. On Thursday, April 21, they volunteered with Fairbanks High School FCCLA to clean up Liberty Park as part of an Earth Day celebration. This was the 2nd year the two clubs collaborated thanks to the efforts of Cade Feller, senior at Fairbanks HS. Read about the projects and see more pictures!
March 8, 2022
Student United Way of Union County (SUWUC) recently came together to discuss homelessness in Union County and to create care packages for homeless community members. The group consists of representatives from all area high schools in the United Way of Union County service area.

During their meeting, students participated in Hobson’s Choice Simulation where students experienced some of the difficult decisions faced by our homeless population.

The groups will meet again this month to host their first podcast with Bridges Community Action Partnership to learn about the homelessness crisis in our county.

LEFT: Students from SUWUC Pictured Left to Right: Eliza Streit (JAHS), Gigi Bix (MHS), Maddie Irving (MECHS), Anna Beard (NUHS), Jake Hibbs (MHS), and Cade Feller (FHS)
RIGHT: Care packages for homeless community members.
Last April, SUWUC Students Collaborated on Park Clean-Up to Celebrate Earth Day (April 23, 2021)
Anna Beard, Class of 2023

Anna has lived in Union County her whole life. She loves her community of Richwood. It is small and everyone is somebody, everyone knows each other and she believes it makes them closer.

A fun fact about Anna is that she lives and works on a Dairy Farm.

Anna LIVES UNITED because she thinks it’s so valuable to give back to your community even if it’s a small contribution.
Gigi Bix, Class of 2023

She has lived in Union County her entire life. Gigi has been very impressed by the community of teachers at MHS especially over the last year. “I think teachers have gone above and beyond this year, they should really be validated for that; they’ve had to adapt and do the impossible, so I really appreciate them and their flexibility.”

An interesting fact about Gigi is she hates cereal with milk.

“I LIVE UNITED because our world is so divided - seeing the brighter side of every situation is crucial in times like these, and it starts with our ourselves and our communities.”
Cade Feller, Class of 2022

He has lived in Union County for 18 years. He loves that Fairbanks feels like a big family and everyone knows everyone.

An interesting fact about Cade is he is an avid fisherman.

“I chose to LIVE UNITED because I believe a group of people is much more powerful than just one individual.”
Jake Hibbs, Class of 2023

He has enjoyed getting to know many different people at MHS. He moved to Marysville from Cambridge, OH in 2017.

An interesting fact about Jake is he is a Civil War buff and has a particular affinity for the Battle of Gettysburg.

“ I LIVE UNITED because I want to make an impact in my community.”.
Maddie Irving, Class of 2022

She loves the community that has been built into MECHS. “I love all of the opportunities to explore different pathways that interest us. We have the chance to get our feet wet learning about new things.”

An interesting fact about Maddie is she is an avid swimmer and swims for the school swim team. She has lived in Union County for eight years.

“I LIVE UNITED so that together we make can differences in our community.”
Jackson McCoy, Class of 2023

He has lived in Plain City his entire life. He loves Jonathan Alder because of the amazing teaching staff. They always encourage, support, and are overall fantastic people.

A fun fact about Jackson is he enjoys reading older books that are obscure, for example, And Then There Were None published in 1939; Say, Darling published in 1957; and The Haunting of Hill House published in 1959.

“ I LIVE UNITED because it feels good to help people in my community. There are so many people who have a lot less in their lives than I do and I love reaching out and using the privileges I have to help others”.
Eliza Streit, Class of 2023

She has lived in Union County for 11 years.

She loves Jonathan Alder because it is a smaller school with excellent academic and athletic opportunities. Eliza said that it gives all students a chance to be involved and it’s fun to see your classmates succeed.

An interesting fact about Eliza is she is a runner and is involved in track and cross-country.

“I LIVE UNITED because I want to be involved in my community and I like to volunteer”
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